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Details for donating and for paying for Dimitri Khalezovs book


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Please, read my urgent address regarding payments for my book on the main page here!



I am glad to inform you that, in addition to the standard bank account and an option of transferring money via Western Union, credit cards, PayPal, or personal check, I have a Bitcoin wallet that could be used for anonymous transactions!



Below you could see all means you can use to send me the payment for the book (or to donate if you wish to donate):




1) Direct transfer to a bank account in Bangkok, Thailand:


Bank : Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited


Branch : Yannawa branch


ROUTING NO/ CHIPS UD : 007895   
[ might not be actually required ]



Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, Yannawa branch,

1674/3 Charoen Krung Road, Yannawa, Sathon, Bangkok, 10120, Thailand.


Tel.: +662211-0156, +662211-3300

Account No: 010-0-47535-3

Account Name: Mr.  DMITRI  KHALEZOV

(make sure to notice, that the first name in this case spells "Dmitri", without the second "i", rather than "Dimitri")




 2) Transfer by Western Union to:



Mr. Dmitri Khalezov, Bangkok, Thailand.

(again "Dmitri" without the second "i"; first name goes first, surname - second)


If Western Union for some reason demands my street address, here it is:


Dmitri Khalezov, 333, Soi 40, Phahonyothin Rd, Senanikom, Chatuechak,

Bangkok 10900, Thailand.


(please, DO NOT send me letters there, because they are likely to be lost; send them, instead, to my mail-box mentioned below in Clause 3).



After the  transfer, please, make sure to send an SMS with

these details regarding the Western Union transfer: 

1) MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number); 

2) FULL name of the sender; 

3) country the money was sent from; 

4) currency type; 

5) the amount transferred


to this mobile phone: 
+66812492233, and repeat this info

once again to this e-mail: donate()911thology.com



PLEASE, make sure to send it via both - the SMS and the e-mail, otherwise, there is a risk I will miss your payment or donation.




NOTE: you can also use the Western Union as an option to send money to my bank account rather than to me personally. It is possible now from many countries (at least, as far as I know, it is possible from Australia and from the United States see details here: http://www.westernunion.com/send-money-online );  my bank account for that reason is the same as the one mentioned above in the Clause 1



3) By sending a check (in any currency) to this postal address:



to: Mr. Dmitri Khalezov 
     P.O. Box 36


     Thailand 10120


  (please spell the first name in this case "Dmitri", without the second "i", rather than "Dimitri" - both for the check and for the address.)



4) By sending cash in an ordinary envelope to the above mentioned postal address. Please, make sure to wrap up the bank-notes into one-two sheets of paper, and also enclose some e-mail address or other contact detail, so that I could confirm receiving your money and could send back my thanks.



5) By Bitcoin (a modern crypto-currency system):



My Bitcoin wallets:



for payments for the "9/11thology" book:   1MrMxM2QNna36wTaSKkYrYLqLtGTEe5XBL



for donations:                                              1L4VE5ED5k1RS56i9wg4QDE3ehurHFNz3F





6) By Russia-based WebMoney system (Russian analogue to PayPal):



WebMoney on  www.webmoney.ru/eng/



My personal Web Money "purses":



Z285632610819  (USD)  

E159784303016  (Euro) 


R384502243216 (Russian rubles) 


U327130392143 (Ukrainian hryvnias)



Please, do not use any "confirmation / authorization" option if you wish to donate money via the WebMoney system and, please, do not specify such a transfer as a "donation", but merely as a "payment for book" or a "payment for video".



7) By credit cards, or using PayPal (in this case payig from credit cards to this PayPal account):


 Donate in US dollars:




 Donate in Euro:




 Donate in British Pounds:




 Donate in Swiss Franks:





 Donate in Australian dollars:



 Donate in Canadian dollars:





Donate in Mexican peso:



 Donate in Japanese yen:



 Donate in Russian Rubles:




8) Finally, if nothing of the above works for you, you can contact me personally, and we will figure out some solution. For example, I have a Visa card issued under my name if you know any solution how to transfer the money directly to someones credit/debit Visa card it might work also.




If you have any doubts as to the bank-account digits or other precise details listed above, please, watch my former video address on YouTube in regard to donations:






in that video you can verify all those digits, because I personally show them printed on paper there (some digits in regard to WebMoney purses were changed since them and now differ from those in the video; on this page above the latest correct ones are mentioned).



Thank you in advance for your kind payment and for your kind donations.




Sincerely yours,



Dimitri Khalezov




 November 29, 2016.





Latest donation information, if changed, could also be found on the same page - it will be

updated accordingly, or on corresponding web pages of websites mentioned below:








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