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Contact details of Dimitri Khalezov


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URGENT UPDATE: unfortunately, the CipherWall system is temporarily unavailable due to some problems in Ukraine (its server was located there). But hopefully, it will be re-launched soon. I will additionally inform you of this.



The rest of my contact details are the same as mentioned below.





Beware of impostors!


A person, who introduces himself as me on http://agent.mail.ru  is an IMPOSTOR ! 


You have been warned.


In order to prevent hijacking of my identity by governmental shills and possible ill-wishers I was obliged to show my genuine contact details on this video on YouTube:






I, genuine Dimitri Khalezov, could be contacted as follows:



Directly (preferable):



telephones in Bangkok, Thailand:   +6681-2492233;  +6681-4403337;



The most convenient time for contacting via telephone: 8 AM - 9 PM Bangkok time (+7 GMT). 



these telephones: +6685-1230760; +6681-3333644 are now RESERVED STRICTLY FOR PERSONAL USE.



these telephones: +668-05960711; +662-776039451; +662-7768-10444 are NO LONGER OPERABLE.



or by e-mails:   dkhalezov()911thology.com  (preferable)   or    911thology()yahoo.co.uk




for donations: donate()911thology.com



( please, make sure to replace () for @ in the above E-mail addresses) 



My PGP-keys could be downloaded from here (click) [the PGP key, used to for the purpose of verification of my archives] and from  here (click) [my new PGP key, created in 2016, and preferred now for communicating with me]



PLEASE, DO NOT USE these former e-mails  anymore: dkhalezov()fromru.com   and  dkhalezov()gmail.com  because I have difficulties checking them (though, the second of them works, still).


PLEASE, DO NOT use this former e-mail address of mine: dkhalezov@thebat.net ! This is because Google shut down the entire domain thebat.net and all e-mail accounts on it were lost. This e-mail address of mine was used extensively and a lot of people used to write me there. Please, be informed that I was not able to get any message sent to it later than April 2014, because I stayed in the Thai prison and no one checked or downloaded my incoming messages from the account dkhalezov@thebat.net for the whole year! And now, it is no longer possible, meaning that they are lost all. So, if you wrote to me anything there, please, repeat your message to another e-mail of mine. Please, accept my apologies.




Other contact details of mine:



or via ICQ:                        448400378



or via Skype - Skype ID:   DimKhz



or via Yahoo Messenger:   dkhalezov



Jabber ID for Pidgin messenger on jabber.org:  dkhalezov
(the last one can be used for the encrypted communication as well if you install an encryption plugin)


YouTube Channel:    



My second YouTube Channel (intended exclusively to host my regular videos confirming that I am still free and alive and for nothing else):




(copies of my latest videos uploaded to that second YouTube channel of mine could always be downloaded directly using fixed download address:

http://www.911-truth.net/dimitri_khalezov_still_free_latest_video_address.zip - this zip-archive will always contain the latest video stating that I am free and alive; these videos will be uploaded every 10 days).







Postal mail:



to: Mr. Dmitri Khalezov (please, use spelling of "Dmitri" rather than "Dimitri")
     P.O. Box 36


     Thailand 10120




Please, be informed that these web domains: 

http://www.dkhalezov.com , www.911thology.cnhttp://www.911thology.co , http://www.911thology.org , http://www.911thology.net , http://www.911thology.biz , http://www.nuclear-demolition.com - might no longer be under my control (my staying in prison and lack of financial support cost me dearly I started to lose my domain names).



However, these web sites:








are still under my control.



Latest contact information, if changed, could also be found on the current page - it will be updated accordingly, or on the following web pages ("contacts" pages of the websites mentioned below):












URGENT: The central server of the CipherWall network is located in Ukraine and it could be shut down at any moment. The situation in Ukraine is very bad and the owner of the server, who also acts as the CipherWall Administrator, does not have enough income to support this undertaking anymore. This excellent system used to run for many years for free (free for the users, but not free for the system administrator who had to maintain its server and Internet connections, moreover, on the permanent basis). While no one of the grateful systems users has offered to its owner any financial assistance. As you probably know, all good things one day come to an end. And, it seems that this good thing would follow suit. If you wish to preserve this system, please, contact the system administrator - CW ID 1-7777 (Administrator) as soon as you can, and discuss with him what assistance is required to save this system from the imminent shutdown. Note, that he might not answer you immediately, because of being busy with his own life, which is by no means good in Ukraine these days; so you might wait a while before you get the answer. P.S. it is too late... The CipherWall system is down for now. But hopefully, it will be re-launched. I will additionally inform you of this.


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